Intellectual Aperitifs

Definition of Revolution

Revolution: An intentional change in an organization’s zeitgeist, often to represent the societal desire of the time. Unit 1 Example: Revolution in cross-racial discourse (Prof. Quillen ideas) Unit 2 Example: Scientific Revolution Unit 3 Example: Information Revolution (Immediate Media: Rwandan…

Final Paper

Baseball in the Dominican Republic: Freedom or Oppression? Alex Weinman October 13th, 2013. The Red Sox trail the Detroit Tigers five to one in the bottom of the eighth inning in game two of the American League Conference Series. The…


Final Paper


In this photograph, I worked with the Deerfield Police Department. It related to Humes because of Unit 4, where we discussed the past and current tensions between law enforcement and the African American community in America.


Here, you will find my work completed for the fall semester of the Humanities Program at Davidson College. Use the scroll icon at the bottom right of the paged to browse through blog posts, larger research assignments, definitions, and individual…

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